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Visit to Witzenhausen

Wednesday 6th July to 14th July.

The trip to Witzenhausen was an unqualified success and was enjoyed by all.

The coach was skippered by Tim owing to the unavailability of Gordon.

The program was quite varied as went as follows:

6th July - Travel by coach via Dover (Ferry) to our  overnight stay at Valkenburg in the Netherlands.

7th July - Resume our journey stopping at the Mohne Dam in Germany for a visit and arriving Witzenhausen early evening. We had a small reception and then off to stay with our hosts.

8th July - Trip to Goslar, an old partially walled town with timber framed houses.

9th July - Meeting of Twinning Officials at the Ringelnatz Restaurant in Witzenhausen in the morning. In the afternoon we manned a stall in the marketplace showcasing typical English produce such as Cheese, Cider and other goodies.  In the evening there was a Red and White themed event which involved music, drinking and other activities.

10th July - Morning, Church Service in the Liebfrauen Kirche followed by the arrival of the Cherry Princess and an entourage of 50 years of the Cherry Queen from the river to the town market square. Plenty of festivities followed.

11th July - Visit to Wartburg Castle in Eisenach followed by a luncheon in the Hall of Arms. Afterwards we took a trip to Wanfried by the River Werra for a short break.

12th July - A trip to Gamerode to take a trip by covered wagon through the poppy fields. Later we went to a farewell dinner in the local restaurant.

13th July - Left Witzenhausen in the morning after saying goodbye to our hosts and travelled to the walled city of Soest for a visit. Then we travelled to Aachen for a short break then on to our overnight stop at Valkenburg.

14th July - Return to England via Calais and the ferry, eventually getting back to Filton, late evening.

Collaboration of the British and French on the Concorde Supersonic aircraft project, brought together the British Aircraft Corporation in Filton and SARMA, an engineering and manufacturing company based in St Vallier-sur-Rhône, France.  

In 1973 Mr Eric Smith, Chairman of Filton Parish Council met with Mr Robert Witzen, owner of SARMA and Mayor of St Vallier, resulting in the twinning of their respective towns.

In 1974 St Vallier, having already twinned with Witzenhausen, it was proposed and finally agreed that Filton should join them, and thus the Twinning Triangle was formed and continues successfully to this day.

Origins of the Association

The primary aim of the association is to foster friendship between the three towns.

To achieve this, twinning members from each country meet for a week once a year in one of the three twinned towns

It rotates from year to year in a 3 year cycle – Witzenhausen, then St Vallier and then Filton hosting.

Our Aim

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Filton Twinning Annual General Meeting

The annual general meeting will take place on the 16th March 2017

In the Douglas Daniels Room (The Pavillion)

Elm Park, Filton commencing at 7:30pm.

There will be a small Buffet afterwards (American Supper Style).