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Collaboration of the British and French on the Concorde Supersonic aircraft project, brought together the British Aircraft Corporation in Filton and SARMA, an engineering and manufacturing company based in St Vallier-sur-Rhône, France.  

In 1973 Mr Eric Smith, Chairman of Filton Parish Council met with Mr Robert Witzen, owner of SARMA and Mayor of St Vallier, resulting in the twinning of their respective towns.

In 1974 St Vallier, having already twinned with Witzenhausen, it was proposed and finally agreed that Filton should join them, and thus the Twinning Triangle was formed and continues successfully to this day.

Origins of the Association

The primary aim of the association is to foster friendship between the three towns.

To achieve this, twinning members from each country meet for a week once a year in one of the three twinned towns

It rotates from year to year in a 3 year cycle – Witzenhausen, then St Vallier and then Filton hosting.

Our Aim

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